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How to Become a Morning Person

morning person

slWhether you are a night owl or an early bird, everybody once in a while can have trouble waking up early in the morning. But do we ever think about what makes it hard for us to get up early?

Our sleep experts have recommended some ways to get out of bed faster and have more energy in the morning:

1. Commit yourself to waking up at the same time every morning, even on the weekend or on holiday. Persistence is the key to building any habit and by having a regular wake up time it will programme the mind to pre-empt your alarm call.

2. Get out of bed as soon as your alarm clock goes off. The snooze button is your worst enemy, so if you often feel temptation, try placing your alarm clock across the other side of your bedroom which will force you to physically have to get up and out of bed. By getting out of bed faster, you increase the likelihood of starting your day rather than going back to sleep.

3. Open the curtains to allow the sun to enter your room, if you have to wake up earlier than the sun rises, turn on your main light. This lets your body know that the day has begun and it is time to wake up. The sun is a source of vitamin D – a natural source of energy so exposure to sunlight will help your body clock restart to its active daytime phase.

4. Take a cool shower to help your body wake up. This little trick not only will give you fresh feeling but also will speed up your blood circulation for an energy boost.

5. Get moving; take an early morning class at the gym, go for a quick jog or simply take a walk down your road. Light exercise in the morning will get your endorphins flowing and give you more energy.

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