Why latex


Engineered by nature

We take sleep seriously, developing contemporary designs that blend style with performance. Enjoy the ultimate sleep experience with our durable mattresses developed from sustainably-sourced latex and perfectly engineered by nature.

The natural way to sleep

Natural latex is an innovative material, derived from the sap of Hevea Brasiliensis better known as rubber trees. They are grown in sustainably managed plantations around the world.

Every drop counts

A rubber tree only produces 27ml of latex daily, which means that perfecting comfort takes time. In fact, it takes one tree over 500 days to produce enough latex for a single mattress.

Environmentally Friendly

Latex is one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings on the market. This is because rubber trees actively purify over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Health and wellbeing

Latex naturally contains anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Our unique manufacturing process ensures that all these characteristics are carried through into the finished product.


The open-cell structure of Dunlopillo latex consists of millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles, which promote healthy air circulation. Natural movement during the night works to ventilate the mattress, keeping both you and your bed at a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Pressure relieving

With its unrivalled elasticity, Dunlopillo latex provides instant pressure relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to your muscles so you awake feeling refreshed and revitalised.