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BSI Kitemark certification


Here at Dunlopillo, we’re proud to share that our products have been granted the well-established Kitemark™ accreditation from the British Standard Institute (BSI). In fact, we’re the very first bed manufacturer to ever be awarded one. If you’re not sure exactly what this certification means, here’s some information.

What is the BSI Kitemark?

Formed over 115 years ago, BSI was not just the UK’s, but the world’s first National Standards Body. Since then it’s grown to become one of the most important non-profit standards-related services, helping businesses improve their products and customer’s find the best quality buys.

How do you achieve a BSI Kitemark?

When a product or service goes above and beyond the standard levels of quality and safety, they can be awarded a BSI Kitemark certification. This means they’re recognised within the industry and the consumer base as a trusted and reliable brand. Essentially, it’s like a Michelin star, but for products and services.

In order to receive a BSI Kitemark certification, a company needs to go through a series of rigorous assessments and independent testing. This includes durability and safety evaluations that ensure each and every product consistently delivers a quality service.

What happens afterwards?

BSI will conduct regular re-audits on our factories, ensuring that we’re consistently producing the very best mattresses. The standards we set ourselves as a company are always extremely high, and we always go the extra mile to ensure our products are the very best they can be. 

We’ll continue to design and create first-rate mattresses, providing you with the best nights sleep every single night.

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