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Mattress Scams

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Expertly made, reliable, and long-lasting mattresses are something we take pride in producing. As part of the National Bed Federation (NBF), all our products are regularly tested to ensure they meet trade and safety regulation and are the highest possible quality for you, the customer.

Unfortunately, there has been a rising number of consumers and businesses being tricked by scam mattress traders. The NBF has been contacted by Bed & Breakfast establishments in the Croydon, Woking and Guildford area, informing them of calls from a ‘Mr. Newbury’. In these calls, he claimed that his business was going into liquidation and that he needed to offload quality Balmoral mattresses at bargain prices.

As well as these calls, many consumers are being approached directly by scammers claiming to have branded mattresses at low prices. In a recent case, the fake mattress was even labelled as Relyon and offered at a price of £250. These discounts can often seem like too good a deal to pass up, yet the products received are never the quality pieces you would expect. One woman described her scam mattress as ‘hollow inside with two boards either side and a couple of inches of foam’.

While it can be difficult to identify all scams, when it comes to buying bedding and mattresses, it’s important to only buy from NBF members and credible retailers. If you suspect any illegal traders in your area, or if you’ve been a victim of mattress scammers, please get in touch with the NBF.





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